Which Surfskate is best ?

Which Surfskate is best ?

Do you want to practice surfing even when the conditions are not right? Or simply discover new sensations in skateboarding?

Carver SurfSkate are a reference in the field with years of experience and development.

You can choose between two types of trucks:

  • The more radical CX, do not have the spring system well known on the SurfSkate. They will allow you to pump much more reactively and perform more radical maneuvers.
  • The C7's with a spring system are the reference in terms of carving sensation, they will allow you to take big curves and to pump in an optimal way.

YOW Surfskate the Spanish brand also offers very good boards. They are known to be a bit more radical. I would say that they look less stable at first but offer more responsiveness.

The characteristics of SurfSkate Yow :

  • There are 2 hardnesses the Yow V4 trucks. S4 which corresponds to a softer and more reactive spring. S5 for a more stable and longboard oriented feeling.
  • The V4 version allows you to lock the front truck with a screw and transform your surfboard into a cruiser/longboard.
  • Yow has also just launched its brand new system called "Meraki". It provides more rigidity to the whole setup. A weight saving and a truck body directly integrated to the articulated part of the system.
  • Made in Europe in the Basque country of Spain.

Landyachtz Surfskate has recently entered the race with a coherent proposal. Boards at a little over 200€ and with their own identity. Landyachtz describes his surfskates as a good mix between a cruiser and a pure surfskate. Indeed, compared to the first two brands, you will find less aggressiveness on the truck system. This one has an angle of 65° degrees which allows you to consider carving in a more committed way than with a cruiser.

  • Bear Trucks 65° Surfskate
  • Hawgs wheels
  • Grip with a foam layer that offers a great feeling
  • Quality Landyachtz decks

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